SALE ON ALL PHYSICAL PRODUCTS!  Check out our cds, field guides and elementary manuals- all marked 25% off (price already reduced)

 The 2021-2022 Rules Manuals will be available on September 7. The rules will be offered free as a download. New materials will be available in September.  

New Quiz Books just added to the store.  Find them in the 2021 Products.

Purchase Order Information

School Purchase Orders - All orders MUST be placed online.  To pay with a purchase order online simply add the appropriate items to your shopping cart and during checkout select "Invoice" as your payment option and follow the instructions provided. Once you have submitted the order via your cart, please send your School's Purchase Order via email to dmendenhall@soinc.org Please note, orders submitted via the "invoice" option must have a valid school P.O. number or your order will not be fulfilled.

Digital DVDs - Only $10-12

New DVDs for Division B and Division C will now be DIGITAL DOWNLOAD MOVIES for viewing on your laptop, tablet or phone. Elementary DVDs will still be sold in hard copy format. The new price of Division B and Division C digital DVDs will be reduced from the old price of $16 plus shipping and handling to just $10 for unlimited views on your device. To view digital content (DVDs and test packets), you must first download the free application FluxPlayer. We have created a help guide to walk you through the process. 

Digital Test Packets for 2012 to 2022 – From $10 - $12

All Test Packets for Division B and Division C will now be DIGITAL DOWNLOAD PDFs for viewing on your laptop, tablet or phone. The PDF file will contain a Table of Contents with a bookmark sidebar that allows users to quickly choose which subject to jump to. The file will allow pages to be printed and has unlimited views.

About Digital Rights Management

Just like with an app on your phone or a Netflix account, to view the Science Olympiad copyrighted materials available on this site, even the free rules, users will need to enter their information. Users must abide by the Science Olympiad Copyright and Use Statements and may not post, re-sell or distribute purchased materials. Just like with an app, the user may view and use the item on authorized devices. We have significantly reduced the per item price and eliminated shipping and handling fees for digital downloads to offset the regulations of Digital Rights Management. Science Olympiad will not sell or market your information, and you will only be contacted by the Science Olympiad Store.

Purchasing Both Hard Copy Items and Digital Downloads in One Order/Cart

If a customer on the Science Olympiad Store wishes to purchase both a physical copy of a manual, and also a digital download of a DVD movie, the customer will be subject to the Shipping and handling fee for mailing the item via the customer’s choice of USPS and UPS. Purchases of digital items ONLY will result in no shipping and handling fees. Third party account holders, such as a school purchasing agent, may assign or “gift” a digital item to a Science Olympiad coach; they just need to have the coach’s email address handy to assign the item to them before placing the order.

Ward’s Science Kits

For a variety of official Science Olympiad building, supply and chemical kits for 2022 events, please visit the Ward’s Science website.

Medals & Trophies 

To pay for medals with a credit card, see Medals and Trophies.

Science Olympiad is a 501-C-3 tax deductible charity. You may make a donation here.

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